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    Traveling on EarthCraft is much more different then a normal Minecraft SMP. There are custom plugins that allow different types of travel.

    Vanilla / Base Travel


    Oak Boat JE4 BE2.png

    Boats are the main method of water travel in vanilla Minecraft, usable by rowing their paddles through water.

    Their use on EarthCraft is virtually the same as vanilla and are basically the same. They are the starter method of travel as they are given out in the starter kit, and are typically used to travel lakes and oceans.


    Creamy Horse.png

    Horses are the main method of ground travel in vanilla Minecraft. They can be tamed by sitting on them repeatedly until they feel comfortable with you. Higher Taming levels in mcMMO will make it easier to tame one.

    On EarthCraft however when the Combat Update released, they are much faster than what they are in the base game, and can go almost twice their normal speed. Horses are a reliable method of transport on rough terrain such as grass blocks, dirt, coarse dirt, sand and gravel.

    After the Travel Update, they can be claimed and summoned at any time, and have perks that can be updated using the Stats screen. In order to use a horse, place a saddle on it using the Upgrade screen.

    • /h claim | /h release
      • Allows you to personally claim/release the horse and name it.
    • E key (while riding a horse)
      • Opens the GUI of that Horse
    • /h list
      • Allows you to show a list of horses.
      • Left clicking a horse teleports it to you, while Q (or your drop button) unsummons it. These actions have a cooldown of 30 seconds.
    • /h unsummon
      • Unsummons horse
    • /h trust | /h untrust
      • Allows you to trust/untrust a player with a horse. This command lets others be able to use your horse and its attributes.
    • /h geld
      • Allows you to castrate your horse so it cannot breed. This isn't really use much other than so people can't breed your horse and continue to make faster ones.
    • /h buy
      • Opens shop GUI to buy horses off of.
    • /h sell {price}
      • Allows you to sell a horse for a certain amount of gold. The lowest you can sell a horse for is 10G.



    Elytras are the main method of air travel in vanilla Minecraft. They allow flight and can be powered by fireworks, and are the main method of fighting in aerial combat.

    On EarthCraft they are used regularly for air travel. After the Renaissance Update, Elytras have a launch feature when crouching. There is however, a cooldown to the launch of about 10 seconds after using it.



    Minecarts are a method of travel that requires rails in vanilla Minecraft. They can be usable with powered rails to go faster and can have detector rails activate redstone.

    During the Combat Update, Minecarts were buffed immensely, however due to the fact that it caused server lag, they are back to their vanilla stats. If a Minecart were to be driven off a rail, it would turn into a Car.

    Custom Travel


    Cars are a special method of travelling on ground. When placing a Minecart on solid ground instead of a rail, the Minecart becomes a Car instead. Cars can be driven on the ground similar to how horses can be rode. They can also cling to rails, however they have a higher chance of falling off or stopping.

    Cars have a special property in which they are only faster on harder blocks. A car will travel much faster than a horse when on stone, blackstone, concrete, cobblestone and a few others. Due to this, traveling on land is much easier due to roadways that can be made. The only stone-like materials that will not boost a car's speed are Polished Andesite, Polished Diorite, Polished Granite, and Bedrock.

    List of speed boosting materials

    • Stone (blocks, slabs, and stairs)
    • Andesite, Granite and Diorite (blocks, slabs, and stairs)
    • Stone Bricks (blocks, slabs, chiseled and stairs)
    • Cobblestone (blocks, slabs, and stairs)
    • Deepslate (blocks, slabs, polished, chiseled, cobbled, and stairs)
    • Blackstone (blocks, slabs, polished, chiseled and stairs)
    • Sandstone (smooth, chiseled, slabs)
    • Red Sandstone (smooth, chiseled, slabs)
    • Smooth Stone (blocks, slabs, and stairs)
    • Bricks (normal, Nether and End Stone)
    • All colors of Concrete
    • All colors of Terracotta (including glazed)
    • Coal, Redstone, Lapis Lazuli, Diamond, Emerald and Netherite Blocks
    • Iron Blocks (is slower on raw blocks)
    • Gold Blocks (is slower on raw blocks)
    • Copper Blocks (slower on raw, and gradually gets slower as it turns into patina)
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