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    This page is a timeline of events that have happened throughout the server.


    Before Earth

    Time that predates the first recorded Earth.

    • The Traveler has travelled to Earthcraft from another dimension. He creates a refuge in space and at the center of the world, and begins to monitor the Earth for signs of Etheria. These would become the Earth and Moon's Spawn

    First Earth

    June 2020

    July 2020

    • 5th
    • 7th
      • Close to the Arena of spawn, an island of Purple Corruption begins to grow, slowly overtaking spawn island
    • 8th
      • The Traveler takes notice of the corruption in Germany and Spawn, and realizes it is Etheria
      • The Traveler begins to search for a type of material that can fight against Etherian Corruption, and he finds it at the center of the earth (Spawn), This is known as light chi. He puts it into the generators at spawn and they overcharge. The Traveler begins to strike the Crystal at spawn island with thousands of lightning bolts at the same time. Trying to crack it
    • 13th
      • Richmond is created by Rockyaer
      • The Island of purple corruption finishes spreading, and overtakes spawn entirely. Growing a massive pink crystal ontop
    • 26th
      • The small splotch of corruption in germany stops spreading, and begins to form a massive cube in Germany, inside of it an army builds
    • 27th
      • The Traveler has charged the Generators at spawn to 1000% capacity, and uses all that light chi energy to strike the crystal. After almost draining all of spawns energy, the crystal begins to crack, and beams into the sky. The crystal breaks and the Etherian Corruption at spawn is defeated. Spawn goes back to normal
    • 30th
      • The first Etheria Raid occurs, this is a grueling fight between light and dark, where the Players made a trek into the cube of Etheria only to fight a mystical boss called the Etherian Golem. The players beat it with their resources drained heavily
      • The Traveler takes notes of people's willingness to fight Etheria

    August 2020

    September 2020

    • 15th
    • 17th
      • The Traveler finishes his creation of something to harness Light Chi's Power, These would be known as the Victory Ingots. The Traveler prepares to bring the fight to Etheria on the moon
    • 30th
      • The Raiders Age begins, many inactive towns start to fall (mainly due to people having school or work), where many bases start to be ransacked.

    October 2020

    • 31st
      • Etherian Moon Raid begins, This is a grueling fight against pure darkness. The Etheria Golem is defeated while MarioMan9999 kills Stoddard22 in battle.
      • After the Etheria Golem is defeated, the crystal on the moon beams directly to the Sahara of Earthcraft
      • The Traveler Arrives to the spot of Etheria on the moon and finds that it's already been destroyed by the players of Earthcraft. He decides to help the players by hiding his Victory Ingots across the worl

    November 2020

    • 30th
      • The Final Battle begins.
      • MaybeMark, PoseidonGames, MarioMan9999, TheOddestSloth, __Moonman_, CreamOfSlop, and PrinceIsPog all fight off against the Etherian Army and the Ether.
      • The Ether absorbs the Etheria Outpost and becomes the Ether Giant
      • The Traveler Appears during the fight, he helps sway off hordes of Etherian Creatures while The Heroes Of Earthcraft fight the Ether Giant
      • The heroes, including The Traveler transform into their True form and defeat Etheria. The Ether Giant explodes upon his death. The Traveler defends The Heroes of Earthcraft from this blast and is damaged heavily by it. His right arm is permanently corrupted with Etheria. The Traveler has not been seen since
      • During the Explosion, The Ether Giant forms into the Chaos Ingot. Lost forever in the sands of the Sahara
      • MaybeMark (with influence by PoseidonGames) jumps into the void with the Ingots, and the world begins to collapse as Etheria is cured.

    December 2020

    • 3rd
      • The map ends, with the server plunging into a reset. Etheria is cured once and for all, or as it seems for now.

    Second Earth

    Beginning Era

    January 2021

    • 12th
    • 13th
    • 15th
      • Sexday: The Heist and Sexday 2 are formed by Markville
    • 17th
      • Nürnberg is founded by Endertainer
      • Mitteldeutschland is formed by Nurnberg almost causing a civil war
    • 18th
    • 19th
      • Brunswick breaks off from the USA and forms the Confederacy
      • Treaty of Berlin signed causing less tension between the 2 Germanys
    • 21st
      • Visby is founded by PoseidonGames
    • 22nd
      • The Siege of Brunswick begins, kicking off the Confederate Wars
      • A coalition of nations consisting of the USA, Greek Empire, Sexday 2, Icelandic Empire, and Mitteldeutschland arrive at Brunswick
      • The Confederacy fights a defensive war, however they take more casualties then the allied nations. They later are able to kill key members including MaybeMark, Lothrop_Stoddard and MarioMan9999 but also lose BRUHGAMINGYT_PVP and PINECONELAMP.
      • PINECONELAMP is banned for hacking
    • 23rd
      • San Antonio is founded by whereistheleft
    • 24th
      • Europa is formed by Visby after they merge with Iceland
      • The Europan annexation of Romania occurs
      • South Africa declares war on Romania, prompting Iceland and the USA to arrive.
      • Romanians and gypsies are massacred, with the Romanian flag being changed to a white one.
      • Romania is annexed by the newly formed Europa
      • Iceland merges with Europa
      • Houston is founded by FlintPL
      • Texas is founded by San Antonio and Houston
    • 25th
      • The Battle of Fort Sumter begins.
      • USA and Confederacy fight each other with Lothrop_Stoddard fighting AlexShez.
    • 26th
      • Europa attacks Brunswick
      • Fort Sumter is able to fight off the USA
    • 29th
      • Houston is attacked by Sexday 2
    • 30th
      • AlexShez and Stoddard finally negotiate peace between each other.
      • AlexShez moves west
      • Sexday 2's siege on Houston is ended in favor of Texas
    • 31st
      • New Orleans is founded by AlexShez
      • Louisiana Republic is founded by New Orleans

    February 2021

    • 1st
    • 3rd
      • Munich gets formed by TheRapf
    • 6th
    • 9th
      • The religion of Jannyism is founded by Lothrop_Stoddard
    • 10th
      • The Sexday World War begins.
      • Sexday 2 begins to annex multiple towns across the world, revealing their plans of world domination
    • 11th
      • Philippines is founded with its capital as Dumaguete making it the first non-fictional nation in the Asia-Pacific Region.
    • 12th
      • The Invasion of Nurnberg occurs
      • Mitteldeutschland is annexed by Deutsches Reich
    • 13th
      • MarioMan9999 and PoseidonGames are banned as the Sexday World War ends
      • The Confederacy is brought back
      • Pacifica lead by MaybeMark is deleted and Mark joins the Confederacy
    • 14th
      • MaybeMark escapes the Confederacy and creates Warsaw
      • Poland is founded by Warsaw
    • 15th
      • Lothrop_Stoddard captures Brunswick ending the Confederate Wars.

    March 2021

    • 5th
    • 7th
      • Another World War happens between Deutsches Reich, Gwent, Russian Empire and Romisches Reich who invade Warsaw and York in an pre emptive strike against the Anti-German Coalition. The Siege was only stopped by US Intervention. Sides: Deutsches Reich (Germany), Russian Empire, Gwent and Römisches Reich (Italy) vs. Poland, York, Japan, United States and Oceanic Empire. Both sides suffered loses except for Japan and Germany.
    • 8th
      • xPioneer is the first person to kill a Lost Golem

    April 2021

    • 1st
      • Jqnnies uploads a joke server as April Fools, this causes many towns to fall due to players not being able to defend sieged towns.
    • 3rd
      • The First EarthCraft Purge occurs
      • T3mp0st is banned for editing the config without Left's permission.
      • Vohki goes on a banning spree, and proceeds to ban over 200 players from the server, many are unbanned later.
      • Vohki is banned from the server
      • The discord gets booted from 620 players down to 390.

    Golden Era

    April 2021

    • 23rd
    • 24th
      • The Josh Swain Battle takes place in Lincoln
      • Zac4 is crowned Josh
      • The First Great War starts as Earth Kingdom begins to annex more nations such as Ireland and France
    • 25th
      • The United States attacks Earth Kingdom
      • Earth Kingdom sieges New York
      • New York becomes occupied

    May 2021

    • 2nd
      • Earth Kingdom declares war on Order of the North
      • Nuuk is sieged, along with Grimpeak
    • 3rd
      • Grimpeak wins the siege
      • Conquerors is sieged by Earth Kingdom
      • The Conglomerate of Nations fight the Earth Kingdom invaders, many are killed trying to defend the town with them ultimately losing
    • 5th
      • The First Battle of New York happens, with the Conglomerates fighting to liberate the city
      • Many members of Earth Kingdom show up and gain the upper hand on the siege
    • 6th
      • New York is liberated by the Conglomerate
      • _spiritually is caught admin abusing
      • Many Earth Kingdom members are banned due to doxing Windows_Seppe
    • 7th
      • Buala falls
      • The first Earth Kingdom collapses as knightrider2002 is banned, commiting suicide before leaving for good '
      • The First Great War ends
    • 31st

    June 2021

    July 2021

    • 8th
      • PoseidonGames is unbanned for 5 minutes due to a vote.
    • 9th
      • Denmark is formed by Maribo.
      • knightrider2002 bombs the EU Parliament Building.
    • 18th
      • Denmark declares war on Regno di Italia and Indonesia/Tangsel.
    • 20th
      • After weeks of conflict, Roma was destroyed by a coalition of fighters.
      • Poland is forced to join Great Feinster to create the Great Polish-Feinster Union on the 21st

    August 2021

    • 21st
      • The Trolly Roman Empire were banned for "duping".
      • twerk4kanye & Chorogon coined the word 'make'.
    • 23rd
      • The second Great Unbanning occurs
    • 27th
      • The United States is officially disbanded when they merge into Hyperborea (later Chadtopia).

    September 2021

    • 2nd
    • 6th
      • The North Star Empire is offically disbanded when they merged with Chadtopia becoming the Earth-Moon Organization, making them the biggest nation on the server.
      • The Earth-Moon Organization transforms into the second Earth Kingdom.
      • Nubia is formed by Abu Simbel
    • 12th
      • The Second Battle of New York occurs.
      • twerk4kanye, GensUmbra, tavak and Itsmesenpai defend the town against the forces of the Mountain Rebels, which included PoseidonGames, Hol and Scaleable.
      • The Earth Kingdom prevails against the Mountain Rebels and Copemium
    • 15th
      • The Battle of Washington DC occurs.
      • tavak and twerk4kanye fight PoseidonGames and Hol, in which they lose again
    • 18th
    • 20th

    October 2021

    • 9th
      • The Roman Empire is formed by Ravenna
      • The Visby Arena becomes the first official arena sponsored by Jqnnies.
    • 10th
      • The First Halloween Rank Discount occurs, and all rank prices are cut in half.
    • 16th

    Dark Era

    October 2021

    • 18th
      • The Dark Era begins.
      • GensUmbra is revealed to be Left, making it the third time an alt of Left had been revealed.
    • 19th
      • The Grooming Controversy plagues the server. The owner is accused by multiple banned players of doing immoral things.
        • Most of the claims were debunked or blown out of proportion, but it leaves a stain on the server's reputation, causing many players to leave.
    • 20th
      • The best and most well known players on the server gathered for one final photo to cherish as a memory.
      • At 4:54pm EST, EarthCraft was put under hiatus until further notice.

    November 2021

    December 2021

    January 2022

    • 17th
      • Pyongyang is founded by Danieltjy1186.
      • North Korea is founded by Danieltjy1186.
    • 18th
    • 20th
      • The LPR is successfully annexed by the United States.
        • The Confederate States disbands and merges with the United States.
        • The United States becomes unified again thanks to yugoblitz.
      • Mount Rushmore is finished as a result of the USA being unified once more.
      • Ian_Newton80 throws a party at 8:00 PM EST due to the reunification.
    • 21th
      • Danieltjy1186 might throw another challenge at the reformed USA (Maybe)
    • 28th

    February 2022

    Rising Era

    March 2022

    • 1st
      • The Rising Era begins.

    July 2022

    • 30th
      • The server resets, ending in the final battle yet again.
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