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    SpartanIII_B312 was the first and last President of the United Colonies of Svalbard.


    Joining on April 25, 2021, Spartan immediately knew where he was heading. He had plans to get to the archipelago of Svalbard and Jan Mayen, one of the northernmost area available to settle in. Appearing in Northern Canada near Hudson Bay, his friend Screeechkid joined and they took turns rowing, sometimes one leaving the game and the other to row. They both stopped near modern day Lovme then sailed between Greenland and Iceland, eventually ending up in modern day Frostskade and set up shop.

    His first structure in Frostskade was the first section of dock (which he filled with chests as he does literally everywhere he goes), followed by a central path then a bridge leading up to the blacksmith/his former house. He then started work doing many things, such as a villager trading hall, an inn, a crop farm, animal pen, and eventually beautified the area. He did leave some projects unfinished however, he never completed a more beautified version of the staircase to the mine, he left Screeech to finish the inn, and left many villager stalls open. When Frostskade was founded on April 30th by Screeech, he was given co-mayor for shared duties of growing the town.

    Many times during his time in Frostskade, he adventured to places through random teleportation from spawn dying multiple times but was not angry, saying he enjoyed the adventure to find his gear.

    After a while, his ambitions finally came to partial fruition when he moved out of Frostskade to create the capital of the soon-to-be-created United Colonies of Svalbard. Moving out on the 30th of June, 2021 he set to work creating the new city starting with a dock (again) with a bridge crossing the fjord Adventfjorden on the site of the real life city of Longyearbyen, which he named the capital after. Almost as soon as he created Longyearbyen, he set to work terraforming the land to best suit the city he planned for it to become. He built a sea wall around the area across the fjord from the real Longyearbyen and started work on an area he filled with more chests. Armed with his pickaxes Chief and Arby, he set out on the Svalbard mine, finding a cave shortly into the descent. This cave would later become where he built his non-functioning spider farm and yet another villager hall he built like on almost every server he joins. He semi-regularly jumped down into the mine, looking over some diamonds right at the bottom of the hole he found for at least 24 hours. Starting on July 4th, 2021 he started building bridges with other nations, hoping everything went well though not fretting too much if relations went sour due to the remoteness of Svalbard. That night, he went to The End to fight the Ender Dragon for the first time, though he was ambushed and killed due to the message for spawning the dragon popping up in chat. When he complained about his, the ambusher invited him back to give back his gear and they fought the dragon together, being gifted the egg, head, and elytra as a token of goodwill. The next day he continued to be a dumbass and do things like try to gather wither skeleton skulls, getting 2 and then loosing luck. After more Nether adventuring and finding a final skull, he random teleported and landed in the Chilean Mountains and claimed the real life summit of the volcano Villarrica and dug a small whole to fight and kill the Wither in to avoid attracting unwanted assailants in The End. Killed at 5:59 PM Eastern Standard Time, he took the star home and created a beacon that he then stored. After not much happening for a while, he was killed after a pillager raid by Lastily. On July 17, 2021 he merged the United Colonies of Svalbard into Chadtopia.


    He's a total dumbass.

    He is prone to using all caps when frustrating.

    He has never been teleported to Asia or Australia on the server.

    He is obsessed with colonizing Svalbard on Earth maps.

    He first heard of Svalbard through the podcast "Extremities."

    He's a degenerate who loves the Halo franchise way too much.

    He was introduced to the Halo franchise at the same friend's house through Halo: Reach in summer of 2015.

    He played COD once but barely at a friend's house.

    He is a "professional" Kerbal Space Program player.

    He plays on the most god-tier trash laptop.

    He uses proper punctuation wherever.

    He hates anime and weebs.

    He defines weebs as anybody who watches anime.

    He sings... way too much...

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