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    This wiki has been automatically closed because there have been no edits or log actions made within the last 60 days. If you are a user (who is not the bureaucrat) that wishes for this wiki to be reopened, please request that at Requests for reopening wikis. If this wiki is not reopened within 6 months it may be deleted. Note: If you are a bureaucrat on this wiki, you can go to Special:ManageWiki and uncheck the "Closed" box to reopen it.

    This is a page of the wiki rules, to read the server rules, click here.

    General Rules

    1. Spam pages are not allowed and will be removed.
    2. Vandalism on any page is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.
    3. Do not post dox information on peoples pages.
    4. Please follow the ExamplePage format when writing a page. Failure to do so will correct the page.
    5. User pages MUST be named from their Minecraft username. If they are known by a notable name, it can sometimes be permitted (such as Left being Left).
    6. Do not make dumb redirect pages that don't make sense.

    Nation changes

    1. If a nation is to die on the server, please replace the nation's name with it's lifespan at the end (ex: Fenix Dorado (2/7/2021 - 8/5/2021)). If you do not know what the lifespan of that nation is, contact Left as he has the logs.
    2. If a nation's name changes, please change the page to it's current name. If it has a more common name, just use that name instead.
    3. Try not to make redirect pages as nations tend to constantly change.
    4. If there are too much of a certain nation, make a disambiguation page of all the nations going by that name (ex: United States (disambiguation)).

    Player changes

    1. If a player changes their username, please update that page with the current username. If a player changes it too constantly, just use their common name.

    Town changes

    1. If a town changes their name, change the name of the page as well (unless that town constantly changes names, just use it's most known one). You do not need to post the lifespan of a town, if a town dies and a new one is made in it's place, just change the name of it's page.
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