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    The Nether is a hell-like dimension located someplace within the Earth. It is full of mobs such as Blazes, Ghasts, and Wither Skeletons. It is also a useful place for getting Blaze Spawners.


    First Earth

    The Nether was often used to get Blaze Spawners and Ghast Tears. Once the 1.16 update was added to the server, the Nether was more widely used, as Nether tunnels were made for fast travel and mining gold. It was also used to obtain crimson and warped hyphae and soul sand.

    Second Earth

    The Nether hasn't changed, and is still often used for the same things it was useful for in the first Earth.


    Etheria Skeleton (Boss)

    The Etheria Skeleton is a boss that appears within the Nether, specifically in Soul Sand Valleys. This mob is similar to a normal Etheria Skeleton, but instead has more abilities, such as summoning White Etheria Skeletons, small skeletons that carry totems of undying, and Etheria Blazes, small blazes that shoot fireballs.

    Notable locations

    • Nether Center - The center of the Nether, a mysterious orb floats above it.


    • The Nether, unlike vanilla, has custom properties that distinguish it.
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