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    The Moon is a satellite orbiting the planet Earth. This moon is highly dangerous and nearly uninhabitable by normal means, however people can find ways to survive on here. It is the only place where phantoms can spawn. Players must wear a space helmet while on the Moon because there is almost no air to breathe.


    1st Earth

    The Moon was where the Moon Raid was located, in the Etherian Arena.

    2nd Earth

    The Moon is a satellite that orbits the Earth. On the Moon, water and lava do not have the same properties as on the Earth, and /t spawn and /t outpost are completely disabled. The only way of getting to and off the Moon is by Rocket. It also has increased ore spawn rates and and 3 new mobs, the Lost, Cosmoskeletons, and a boss called the Lost Golem.

    Many different towns exist on the Moon, such as Katoyi and Tranquility Base.

    At the center of the Moon, there lies an arena that spawns the Bitrift Skeleton.



    Lost are special types of Zombies that appear as astronauts. They hold a sword and axe, and have more health then an average zombie. When killed, they either drop a diamond, netherite scrap, or clear glass.


    Cosmoskeletons are special types of Skeletons that appear as astronauts. They function like normal skeletons, but have more health.

    Lost Golem

    The Lost Golem is a rare boss mob that appears identical to an Iron Golem. However, this mob has more health than a Wither and can shoot wither skulls. Shielding against this mob will only agitate it more as it attempts to hit you. They drop a block of netherite or 5 netherite ingots when killed.

    How to get there

    In order to get to the Moon, you must have a Rocket, in which flying up to Y=350 and right clicking with the rocket in hand will take you there, dropping you off to a random location. The fuel for the rocket is 9 coal blocks per trip.

    In order to get off the Moon, you must fly up to Y=350, and left click on the rocket. This will take you off of it into Earth while using the same amount of fuel.


    • This Moon unlike in real life, can have water on it's surface.
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