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    Welcome to EarthCraft!


    EarthCraft is a server that uses a 1:200 map of the Earth in Minecraft. It is a Towny survival server with an extremely large map and an all new custom meta made for a comfortable gameplay experience. This is by far one of the largest maps in the geopolitical community, being 186k+ blocks wide!

    We Do A Little Crafting...

    This server is a massive map (larger then most competitors) of the Earth, at a whopping 1:200 scale! Meaning one block is equal to two hundred meters real life. This map is currently the largest in the geopolitical community! It is purposely large so players can build large towns and cities to encourage people to play more often. We mainly use the gold standard that most earth servers have.

    Unlike our competitors, we have a unique combat meta unlike most of vanilla, including throwable Fireballs made from fire charges. Make your friends run for their life by blowing their bottom off with one of these boys and maybe add some Knockback to make it faster. In addition to that, Netherite knockback is nearly identical to diamond!

    If you want to send us a request, mail us at realearthcraft@gmail.com!

    Remember to read our Rules, as well as our Help page.

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    A list of the Staff Team (As of July 13, 2022)




    If you want to apply for staff, use this link for applications.
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