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    This page is about Jannies/Left, the former owner of EarthCraft. For the alts that he used for spying, see Lothrop_Stoddard and GensUmbra.

    "eat shit and die" - Jannies to literally any player

    Jqnnies (also known as Jannies) is a massive coomer and mentally ill weed addict who was also the founder and co-owner of EarthCraft, making almost all major decisions and has the power to use the Console. On his op account he is considered by many to be the ancient god of the universe.

    Jannies originally went under the name Left, and it was later revealed that he had been under the alias Lothrop_Stoddard, in which was used to spy on hackers and regulate the toxicity of the playerbase, and later under two other accounts: GensUmbra and israelihajarvis to do the same.


    1st Earth

    Left created the whole map, however he glitched out parts of it (making him create Etheria). While building Spawn, Desert accidentally quartz nuked it, leading to a delay in the maps release date. It was released eventually.

    Left would never really get involved with the politics of the server other then occasional helping out. However, he started to get involved by trying to contain the Kiwis who were attempting to use their powers to drive away players, making Left help out the United Kingdom and their leader, Windy_Dave. Left would try and stop them from claimblocking London.

    Left had also taken action when Stoddard was discovered duping shulkers (which was actually just Left spawning them to even out 420mrsandman spawning in things for the Kiwi Empire), swiftly banning him. He also banned the M.A.F.I.A. members after discovering their hacking as well. Later on November 29th, 2020 he deleted the old Earth.

    2nd Earth

    On the Second Earth, Left made the map larger than ever, with there being no legendary weapons allowed anymore.

    Left was particularly involved with having to deal with Admins trying to backdoor and destroy the server. Due to the fact that many players typically came from 4chan or Reddit, it was common at the time for him to have to deal with rogue staff. One particular case was when an Admin and ex-Earth Kingdom member attempted to nuke the Discord and files due do the Earth Kingdom losing against the Conglomerate.

    On the second map's lifetime, Left had a massive drama around him that involved him allegedly grooming a player on the server. While many things about the claims were debunked (including the age gap between him and the so-called victim only being 2 years, no showcases of manipulation, and other important details), it still caused a lot of people to leave the server and had created a massive stain on his reputation.

    In the fallout of this drama, many had attempted to dox him, take the server down and destroy it via files, however the server had about 2 weeks of downtime and later relaunched.

    Left later left (no pun intended) the server due to college, and will not be back for a long time. He returns from time to time to substitute for when 0115962 is offline. He decided to rebrand his name due to dissatisfaction of the name "Left", and later became Jannies.


    • Don't listen to that Left admin abuses all the time and that one who spams (Insert online player name) is hot as he is an impersonator trying to make Left look gay.
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